“A text can mean many things, but it cannot mean everything.”

Kind regards from the Department of English, A branch of Science and Humanities, Bharathiyar Institute of Engineering for Women, Deviyakurichi. As an integral part of BIEW’s expansion of Science and Humanities, the Department of English houses competent and highly qualified faculty with remarkable teaching and research experience. Established in 2017, the department offers a course in general English to first-year graduate students in the department of Artificial Intelligence and Data science, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Communication Engineering, and Electrical and electronics Engineering. The course ensures that communication skills are enriched through grammar and vocabulary exercises and an appreciation of literature, giving students a broad perspective on life as a whole. The course is designed for students of all linguistic and social backgrounds.

            The department works to develop students’ creative literary skills through various activities such as poetry writing, essay writing, impromptu speeches, and other internal classroom activities. Students are exposed not only to written forms of literary expression such as poems, essays, short stories, and speeches, but also to other popular genres such as films, music albums, short films, and TEDX talks that deal exclusively with contemporary social and cultural issues. The department ensures that learning through literature extends beyond the four walls of the classroom by having students explore a wide range of resources that stimulate their social consciousness and shape them into responsible and knowledgeable individuals.

         The department shares another important course with the Career Development Department, which addresses the needs of the job market to produce qualified graduates for myriad fields of commerce, business, and technology. The English Department offers courses in personal development, verbal skills, soft skills, and interview preparation to all first, second, and third year students in all departments. Courses are regularly updated in line with trends from top companies and aim to equip students with the necessary skills to make them employable.