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Bharathiyar Institute of Engineering for Women (BIEW), the first and one and only women’s Engineering college in the Salem district, was founded in 2008 under a self-financing category affiliated with Anna University, Chennai. The aim of the institute is to empower rural female students. The college’s vision and mission are to empower women through science and technology-focused higher education. This is accomplished through value-based, skill-oriented education, research, and training, as well as creativity and diversity. The college’s curriculum is unique in that it offers a wide range of different, flexible, and cross-disciplinary courses that meet the social and economic needs of the region, the country, and the world. The college is located in an easily accessible area, and it provides a exclusive opportunity for female students from rural areas. In addition, the college provides transport facilities approximately 60 kilometers from the campus, which helpful to facilitating access of college.

The institution has launched several professional courses in expanding fields to address the challenges facing the global community. In reality, the college faculty members’ put great efforts to introduce new high-tech, professional, emerging, and job-oriented courses, along with the development of course structures and syllabi, are essential for the college quality maintenance and improvement.

In order for students to complete their courses, many partnerships are being established with businesses and educational institutions to provide learning resources. For the benefit of exceptional students, our Institute has collaborated with other local communities to implement a variety of outreach and extension initiatives. National Service Scheme (NSS), Youth Red Cross (YRC), Red Ribbon Club (RRC), and student volunteers organize special camps and carry out regular activities for the benefit of rural students and people to alter the public’s perception of cleanliness and increase awareness of the importance of a healthy environment.

The introduction of various value-added courses provides opportunities for value orientation and employment. The implementation of cutting-edge ICT helps to improve teaching and learning process.

The college has organized many awareness programs such as Road safety awareness programs, a blood donation camp, Women’s Day, a tree planting program, a medical camp, a national science exposition, and Voter’s day. Students participate in a variety of industry-related field trips and are encouraged to attend workshops, conferences, seminars, internship programs, etc. Every year, we host a symposium in which students from various colleges and universities compete in a variety of technical and non-technical competitions and are awarded prizes.

The institution has provided the best possible infrastructure for teaching, learning, and sports to prepare students to compete in all aspects. Classrooms, laboratories, seminar rooms, the library, and the administrative office all contribute significantly to the overall academic environment. Sri Sakthi Educational Trust organizes and manages a book bank program for the benefit of economically destitute students. Free textbooks are provided to eligible students, who are required to return them at the end of each semester.

The Placement and Training Cell is an integral part of the organization. The responsibility of an educational institution does not end when a student receives a diploma; rather, it is to provide the student with the opportunity to become a professional. The Placement cell has implemented an efficient communication system to keep students abreast of potential employment opportunities and to provide guidance on occasion. The administration places a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that every student graduates with a job. The Training and Placement Cell of our institution is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to conduct interviews and provide counselling to students. The ‘Placement Oriented Programme’ begins in the very first semester, with an emphasis on Communication and Aptitude skills, Soft skills, and Technical skills development. The college offers students a variety of courses, including soft skills development, value-added programs, communication skill development programs, aptitude training, and software development. These courses will aid students in obtaining employment with a superior organization.     

Our college has a Grievance Redressal Committee, Internal complaints committee, and Anti-Ragging Committee for hearing and addressing grievances brought up by students, faculty members, staff, and other members of the college. The committee is typically composed of faculty members, student representatives, and administrators. The committee is responsible for evaluating grievances, determining if a grievance has occurred, and determining the appropriate remedy or solution. The grievance will be sorted out within 15 days.

The Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) of BIEW is dynamic in taking care of the safety and security of girl students in our institution. Our college hosts many programs through WEC regularly where specialists from various fields give lectures to raise awareness about women’s safety. BIEW is a secular campus that values for all languages, religions, and cultures equally. Students come from a variety of socioeconomic and community backgrounds. A variety of efforts are made to assist students in adjusting to the college environment and reaping the benefits of all the opportunities provided by the institution.

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