1. Title of the Practice- Field Trip and Industrial Visits for Students
  1. Objectives of the Practice
  • To bridge the gap between classroom teaching and practical working environment.
  • To help students to gain first hand information regarding functioning of the industry.
  1. The Context:
  • Getting permission from the industry based on the availability of the resources of the industries.
  • Ensuring the safety of the women students during the transport and visit. 
  1. The Practice
  • Exposure to real-life industry settings
  • Understanding industry operations
  • Interaction with industry professionals
  • Networking opportunities
  • Enhancement of employability skills
  1. Evidence of Success:
  • Improved the job prospects of our students.
  • Initiate the thought of preparing for gate exams
  • Helps in understanding the subjects. 
  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required 
  • Sometimes delay in getting permission from industry due to hectic production schedule, confidentiality, safety issues and unavailability of staffs in industries for guiding the students.

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