The alumni Association is renewed every year and actively helps the students of Bharathiyar Institute of Engineering for Women in the following ways.

1. Alumni contribution:

The alumnae are actively involving for the donation of Chairs, Tables,  Many items were donated by the Bharathiyar Magalir Poriyiyar Kalluri Munnaal Maanavigal Sangam such as Chairs, Tables, and other infrastructure development initiatives.

2. Alumni Association Committee Members:

            The executive committee for the alumni association is made up of 11 people: the Chairperson, the Faculty Coordinator, the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, Joint Secretary, the Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and three Executive Members.

3. Alumni Meeting:

            Every year the alumni association of our Bharathiyar Institute of Engineering for Women hosts the Alumni meet in our college campus. In this meet Alumnae discuss their employment experiences and industry expectations with faculty members. The executive members notify the attendees of the alumni meeting of the completion of their discussion for future consideration and action.

4. Academic contribution of alumni association:

            At the board of studies meetings in all the departments, alumni are the special guests. The alumni discuss their professional backgrounds and expectations for the corporation to refresh its expertise on a regular basis to reflect current business trends. Alumni also provide comments about faculty members’ on teaching methodology.

5. Guest lecturers:

            The department maintain the souvenir book of the alumnae and regularly invite them to the college as guest lecturers which will enable the current students to understand the latest development taking place in the socio-economic and scenario of the industry. They deliver lecture on importance of developing skills, current trends, types of training required for their respective fields and motivational speech.

6. Support for placement:

            The alumnae take special care for recruitment of employees for their working company and for their own establishment. 

7. Support for extension activity:

            The alumnae working in corporate are getting support from their organization to participate in the extension activities like health awareness, women empowerment program, computer literacy program and soft skill training programs.