The students are trained to attain the above objectives through a variety of programmes run by the Placement and Training Cell such as:

  • The Corporate leaders from leading industries are invited regularly to interact with students.
  • Various Training Programmes are organized to train the students in the areas of Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal through the Reputed External Training centers.
  • Technical training programmes are being conducted by Technical experts.
  • Language learning programmes to train students in developing their communication skills using the language lab.
  • Mock Interviews for students to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.

Training Modules

The training modules are developed by skilled content developers. The sessions are structured in such a way that the participation of the students is given as much importance as the participation of the facilitator in the session. Adult Learning Methodologies are incorporated in the demeanor of the Training Structure.

Sl. No Students of B.E/B.Tech Training
First Year
School to College - Special Programme
Second Year
Communication Skills
Third Year
Technical Training( C++, JAVA, .NET, Embedded System, PLC, AUTO CADD, STADD PRO, ETABS).
Final Year
Soft Skills, Aptitude Training, Personality Development Program, Group Discussion, Pre-Interview Refreshment.