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Cash, (a)6,000(b)4,800(e)4,500(d)800(f)900(g)3,400\begin{array} {c|c}\hline The Hammond Corporation offers to machine 5,000 units at $3 per unit, half the$6 per unit that it costs A large number of Turkish people migrated to Germany in the 1960s, when West Germany's manufacturing economy was booming and Turkey's economy was predominantly agricultural. As birth rates are higher than death rates, population growth remains high. PrepaidInsurance, (b)4,800\begin{array} {c|c}\hline Use the following information to work Problems 1 to 3. \end{array}\\ \end{array}\\ Which of the following best explains an effect of migration within the United States between 1950 and 2010 ? What best describes the phenomenon of demographic momentum? jrdbnntt. Refugees fleeing from the Balkans during the 1900s were mostly reacting to ? \text{\hspace{12pt}}&\ Does An outside contractor offers to do the finishing operation for 9,500 units at $9 per unit, triple the$3 per Which of the following explains why Japan will struggle with demographic challenges in 30 years? \text{\hspace{12pt}(e) 4,500}&\ Pierce has no other variable costs. Decreasing the cost of childcare so that families can afford to have more children. acquire these tools? \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\ \text{\hspace{12pt}(a) 12,000}&\ Other sets by this creator. Despite a falling fertility rate, the population of a country with a large percentage of young people continues to grow. A population pyramid that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom most likely represents which of the following populations. South Sudan experienced famine during the twenty-first century as a result of war and drought. \end{array}\\ Canada's tow largest language-based ethnic groups are? the study of effects of geography on the power of nation-state. Show your calculations. \text{\hspace{12pt}(a) 6,000}&\ Housing shortages in urban areas will be common. defective items produced? Which of the following patterns is indicated by the population pyramid shown? An aging population needing health care will require more public funding. Which of the following describes forced migration? By the early 21st century, crude birth rates were higher in what countries? AP World Modern Period 4. New York has the highest cigarette taxes in the country. Immigration of asylum applicants from Africa to the European Union, Norway, and Switzerland increased from approximately 50,000 in 2010 to approximately 200,000 in 2016. South Korea, as of 2018, has the lowest total fertility rate in the world at 1.1. Cash\begin{array}{ c } British convicts shipped to Australia in the mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries. The country represented by the population pyramid that is triangular shaped is most likely characterized by what? Show your calculations. Shepherds in France who move their sheep to mountain pastures each summer. \textbf{Cash} AP Human Geography Unit 5 Notecards. the study of effects of geography on the power of state. According to demographic transition theory at which stages in a country's development is population most likely to increase? Show your calculations. AP Human Geo Unit 2 Progress Check: MCQ Flashcards | Quizlet Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Arithmetic density, These regions have higher carrying capacities., Low arithmetic density and more. What was predicted by Thomas Malthus in the late 18th century? \end{array} Should Pierce Which of the following best explains the trend in asylum seekers from African countries to Europe since 2010? The trend can be explained by improved health care and nutrition in all regions. Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have total fertility rates that exceed 5.0. \end{array} \text { Annual production } & 90,000 \text { units } & 90,000 \text { units } \\ Semester 1 Review (Unit 1-4) Click the card to flip low rates of heart disease and cancer Click the card to flip 1 / 25 Flashcards Learn Test Match Created by Aubrey_Miller71 Belgium has concerns about an aging population and wants to encourage higher birth rates. that would increase the annual capacity of the Machining Department by 9,000 units and would cost$4,000 per year. Like China, India has had a problem coordinating a centralized population policy. Should Pierce accept Hammonds offer? The increase in the percent of women who are more highly educated correlates with the decline in fertility. Explain your answer briefly. \text{\hspace{12pt}(c) 900}&\ Declining levels of fertility and mortality, leading to older age structures. D.Belle,Capital, (a)25,600\begin{array} {c|c}\hline In 1980 China implemented an antinatalist one-child policy. Pierce can sell whatever output it produces. Many European countries provide families one or more of the following: tax credits, flexible parental leave, monthly payments, public-transportation fare reduction, free vaccines, and subsidized childcare. At different scales, showing administrative units. Show your calculations. (a)25,600, ServiceRevenue\begin{array}{ c } \textbf{Supplies} \text{\hspace{12pt}(b) 4,800}& \\ (a)6,000(e)4,500(b)4,800(d)800(f)900(g)3,400, Supplies\begin{array}{ c } \end{array}\\ sellers price, the quantity of cigarettes bought, and the tax revenue. What is an accurate statement regarding the population policies in India? \text{\hspace{12pt}(a) 25,600}& \\ \end{array} \text{\hspace{12pt}(f) 900}&\ \end{array} 309 terms. Explain your answer briefly. Population density is most often represented by? an overall reduction in the countries population (bc of birth control). city taxes are$5.95 a pack. \text{\hspace{12pt}}&\ \end{array} Ernst Ravenstein's demographic studies focus mainly on? A high level of mobility for international migration and employment is best explained by which of the following demographic groups? Which of the following scenarios explains a demographic push factor for less developed countries? _____1. The population has a high total fertility rate. The Chinese government's policies since 1979 have resulted in? The demographic equation summarizes population change over time in an area by combining what? \end{array}\\ Draw a graph to show the effects of the $5.95 tax on the buyers price, the Malthusian theory would explain which of the following possible consequences of high birth rates in a less developed country? Which of the following identifies how population density is shown in the maps? the study of effects of geography on the power of a catalonian. The combined state and The following requirements Which of the following statements best explains the trend about infant mortality shown in the bar chart? \end{array}\\ \textbf{Web Servers} _____4. Which of the following is the best describes an example of transhumance? carriebowman Teacher. \textbf{D. Belle, Capital} (e)4,500, SellingExpenses\begin{array}{ c } Which of the following types of population information is shown on the map? \hline \text { Annual capacity } & 110,000 \text { units } & 90,000 \text { units } \\ Which of the following explains how data from the population pyramid for Spain would be useful for government policy makers? Bangladesh has seen its total fertility rate drop to 2.1, but its population is projected to be higher in 2050 than it is today. The population hugs the coastline with almost no large inland cities. Which of the following best explains a population policy South Korea could enact to promote higher birth rates? Should Pierce accept the subcontractors offer? _____5. Based on the diagram of the demographic transition model, which of the following correctly describes the expected population change over time? The company paid $900 cash toward accounts payable. \text { Fixed operating costs per unit produced } & \$ 6 \text { per unit } & \$ 3 \text { per unit } \\ ServiceRevenue, (e)4,500\begin{array} {c|c}\hline True/False: Since the 1970s, the minority share of the overall U.S. population growth was more than 50%. Based on the data shown in the table, which of the following accurately describes changes in the roles of women as countries develop economically? . Which of the following population patterns is common in more developed countries? What is the most significant human migration to occur during the 19th and early 20th centuries? Which of the following explains an impact of open-border policies regarding migration within the European Union? AP Human Geography Unit 2 Multiple Choice Questions 3.5 (13 reviews) The country represented by the population pyramid that is triangular shaped is most likely characterized by what? There are more men than women because of a cultural preference for male children. Identify the explanation from 1 through 7 below that best describes each transaction a through g reflected in the T-accounts, and enter that letter in the blank space in front of each numbered explanation. _____2. answer choices. The "mortality revolution" occurred in Europe during the mid-19th century when? _____7. The company paid $800 cash for selling expenses. in web servers. In recent years, a significant intraregional migration has occurred from Afghanistan to? WebServers, (a)12,000\begin{array} {c|c}\hline The price of an average pack of cigarettes in New York City is $10.60. (a)12,000, AccountsPayable\begin{array}{ c } \textbf{Selling Expenses} The gravity model describes an inverse relationship between the ? The annual cost of these jigs and tools is $35,000. The production manager of the Machining Department has submitted a proposal to do faster setups 89 terms. The company paid$3,400 cash for equipment. \text{\hspace{12pt}(e) 4,500}& \\ Which of the following population characteristics is associated with this phenomenon? Pandemics lowered population levels drastically. Emigration from Europe from Europe to the Americas. Why? The company purchased $900 of supplies on account. The average income of smokers is less than that of 30 seconds. \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\ \text{\hspace{12pt}(g) 3,400}&\ \text{\hspace{45pt}}&\ (d)800. In recent years, death rates in developing countries have. Assume the following T-accounts reflect Belle Co.'s general ledger and its first seven transactions a through g, which are posted to them. \textbf{Service Revenue} The population distribution shown requires more intensive use of limited soil and water resources to increase the carrying capacity of agricultural land. \text{\hspace{12pt}(a) 7,600}&\ Population patterns shown on the map indicate that areas around river deltas and upland lake and river valleys have higher densities. Unmarried men in their late twenties with no children and a university education. Country A : Stage 2, West Africa; Country B : Stage 4, western Europe. Multiple Choice questions for Unit 2 AP Human, Objects in Scala, Apply Method, Inheritance, AP Human Geography - Unit 2 TEST STUDY GUIDE, AP Human Geography Multiple Choice Questions, Fixedoperatingcosts(excludingdirectmaterials), World History and Geography: Modern Times, Contract Law Final - Loan, Personal Security. Famine and starvation will occur as demand outpaces agricultural production. \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\ Pierce is considering using some modern jigs and tools in the finishing operation that would increase \text{\hspace{12pt}(c) 900}& \\ Which of the following explains an unintended consequence of the policy? Pierce produces 1,700 defective units at the machining operation. filing cabinets in two operations: machining and finishing. Which of the following describes the relationship between fertility and education in the United States and Canada in recent decades? the buyer or seller pay more of the tax? (c)900, PrepaidInsurance\begin{array}{ c } What is the cost to Pierce of the \end{array}\\ Data on the size of the middle-aged population would be used to plan for retirement and social security benefits. non-smokers. The company received$4,500 cash for services provided. Pierce produces 1,700 defective units at the finishing operation. Japan has a low birth rate and a high life expectancy. \end{array}\\ \end{array} \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\ \textbf{Prepaid Insurance} \text{\hspace{50pt}}&\ Based on the demographic transition model, which region is best described as exhibiting overall negative rates of growth in stage 4? Which statement best explains an environmental impact of China's population distribution? \end{array} \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\ Equipment, (a)7,600(g)3,400\begin{array} {c|c}\hline \textbf{Equipment} Which of the following statements accurately explains the population dynamics of a country on the table shown? What is an accurate statement about the population of China? Deaths in Country A often occur due to outbreaks of epidemic disease, while in Country B most people are dying from chronic disorders such as heart disease. It provides the following information: MachiningFinishingAnnualcapacity110,000units90,000unitsAnnualproduction90,000units90,000unitsFixedoperatingcosts(excludingdirectmaterials)$540,000$270,000Fixedoperatingcostsperunitproduced$6perunit$3perunit($540,00090,000;$270,00090,000)\begin{array}{lll} The pressure that people place in the land to produce enough for is measured by what? AnnualcapacityAnnualproductionFixedoperatingcosts(excludingdirectmaterials)Fixedoperatingcostsperunitproduced($540,00090,000;$270,00090,000)Machining110,000units90,000units$540,000$6perunitFinishing90,000units90,000units$270,000$3perunit. \text{\hspace{12pt}(b) 4,800}&\ Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Agricultural Population Density, Arable Land, Physiological Population Density and more. Which of the following explains why Bangladesh will continue to experience positive rates of natural increase? \end{array} \quad(\$ 540,000 \div 90,000 ; \$ 270,000 \div 90,000) & & The mean center of the population of the United States shifted to the South and West as workers migrated to areas with more jobs and a warmer climate. Population growth in the future will be checked by famine, disease, and wars. unit that it costs Pierce to do the finishing in-house. (b)4,800, Equipment\begin{array}{ c } \end{array} Political instability and conflict along with high fertility levels over the long term has led to an increase in asylum seekers. Which of the following explains a possible impact on the emigrant countries of origin during and after that time period? Each cabinet sells for $70 and has direct material costs of$30 incurred at the start of the machining operation. \text{\hspace{12pt}(f) 900}&\\ There is no connection between the requirements. If rural-to-urban migration continues in China, which of the following outcomes is most likely? These regions have higher carrying capacities. _____6. & \textbf { Machining } & \textbf { Finishing } \\ Which of the following best describes where these countries fall in the demographic transition model and in which region they are likely located? SellingExpenses, (d)800\begin{array} {c|c}\hline \end{array}\\ What is the cost to Pierce of the defective items produced? Volume of migration and the distance between source and destination. AccountsPayable, (f)900(c)900\begin{array} {c|c}\hline During the late 1800's, and important pull factor for immigrants to the United States was? This, in turn, is essential for the long-term success of population programs. refer only to the preceding data. Pierce to do the machining in-house. Women should be able to control their own fertility. (a)7,600(g)3,400, WebServers\begin{array}{ c } Which of the following would explain why a country such as Belgium would implement the described policies? \textbf{Accounts Payable} Growing political tensions as immigration increases, due to competition between immigrants and local people for available jobs. The new technologies would reduce positive checks on population. \end{array} Which of the following best explains why these regions are more heavily populated? Q. Geopolitics. Should Pierce implement the change? Bangladesh's population will continue to grow as a result of a large youthful population. The company paid $4,800 cash in advance for prepaid insurance coverage. \text{\hspace{12pt}(g) 3,400}& (f)900(c)900, D.Belle,Capital\begin{array}{ c } Germany has a negative rate of natural increase. Which area of the world generally has net out-migrations? -What statement would the author of the statement be most likely to support ? As more emigrants sent money home, the influx of money created an economic boom in the countries of origin. Which of the following processes best explains a decrease in mortality rates worldwide? From 2010 through 2017 there was a large increase in the number of migrants from Africa to Europe. "Improving the status of women also enhances their decision-making capacity at all levels spheres of life, especially in the area of sexuality and reproduction. Are all professional sports subject to the antitrust laws? What is LEAST likely to have high population density (a place), the interior areas of Australia (bc its a desert). \text{\hspace{12pt}(d) 800}& \\ s. The Pierce Corporation manufactures A country develops new technologies for farming, which help stabilize and increase food supply. According to Malthusian theory, which of the following would best explain those results? \text{\hspace{12pt}(d) 800}&\ A large youth population, lacking educational opportunities, seek schooling in more developed countries. the study of effects of geography on the power of a nation. Which of the following best identifies the data for western China, shown on the map? D. Belle created a new business and invested$6,000 cash, $7,600 of equipment, and$12,000 Areas in Africa has experience significant what? \text { Fixed operating costs (excluding direct materials) } & \$ 540,000 & \$ 270,000 \\ Experience show that population n development programs are most effective when steps have simultaneously been taken to improve the status of women." Neo-Malthusian theory can be used to explain which of the following situations? Which of the following best describes Turkish migration to Germany? annual finishing output by 1,150 units. _____3. In 2017, there were approximately 175,000 asylum applicants. Question 26. Supplies, (c)900\begin{array} {c|c}\hline \text{\hspace{40pt}}& \\

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