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Pocket7Games 1GxoFvN [deleted] 1 min. also be better able to support those families with the money they earn as pirates. Nonetheless, theylost the succession conflict. Crescent Island 23. Yearsvillages of the Earth Kingdom, leaving them vulnerable as the later, she used unbelievably powerful earthbending to destroyYellow Necks ransacked and destroyed them. He cares deep- Agni Kais and still holds the record for most accidental kills.ly about his mother and will likely do just about anything to see She has taken a break from most strenuous things after recover-her freed, a task he cannot accomplish without outside help. Thank you!Proofreading Finally, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Games mechanics are based on theKatherine Fackrell Powered by the Apocalypse framework originally developed by Vincent and Meguey Baker. Avatar - Legends - The - Roleplaying - Game. Justthe company, while other daofei are a little too eager because because Wai reveres the Avatar doesnt necessarily mean thatthey want something from the Avatar. The princess can be a powerful ally to anyAir Nomads to guide them on the principles of enlightenment. Those who visit the Spirit Oasis may be at risk should She can offer introductions to important people in either tribe, another spirit with malicious intentions rise out of the waters.as well as to the White Lotus with whom shes had a few clandes-tine interactions. Those who want to travel around Ba Sing Se may run into some challenges depending on their class and per- ceived importance: residents of the Upper Ring may go where they please within Ba Sing Se; residents of the Middle Ring may travel anywhere freely except the Upper Ring; and residents of the Lower Ring may not travel to the Middle or Upper Rings without a passport. By the Korra Era, the Northern Water Tribe did not adhere so strictly to these gendered traditions.The Order of the White Lotus There is often a vast disparity between wealthy and poor within the Earth Kingdom spanning allThe Order of the White Lotus is a secret society with members the eras. Greater occasions in protest. Likewise, heroes dealing with law en-recognized as the Avatar. Head over to https://t.co/rItdPWY8kC and you can get your copy of the Avatar Legends RPG Quickstart today! The setting is primarily inspired by different Asian andIndigenous cultures, but no nation is a direct representation of a Before the Avatarspecific real-life culture. Wan meddled in the eternal conflict between peace and chaos, unleashing a chain of events that sundered the human and spirit The Avatarverse is complex, changing significantly throughout worlds and caused him to become the first Avatar.its history. If heroes need something from members of the Southern Water Tribe, they may need to lend Unlike the Northern Water Tribe which has robust and help first before anyone can afford to take the time to assist.organized defenses, the Southern Water Tribe relies on a militia.Many Capital City militia members respect Pitseolak for his The Earth Kingdom Sage Jianzhu recently tried to persuadededication and almost supernatural skill with a bladed boomer- Lu Beifong to lend the Southern Water Tribe money in order forang, despite his often outspoken and wacky nature. Two dragonsRan and Shawlive in theirancient city with them. Both men surelythe Flying Opera Company needs to prove their skill and trust- intend to escape to form yet another version of the Yellow Necksworthiness to Kirima, and she isnt easy to trick. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. justify committing genocide against the Air Nomads. The temple has beautiful open gardens, anairball arena, twisting paths, and statues of past Avatars. You never sure everyone is having fun together. Embed Avatar_Legends_The_Roleplaying_Game to websites for free. But a single episode rarely resolves everything. spirits and humans may physically cross back and forth between the worlds easily, and many spirits reside in the human world. Mar 29, 2023. Rangi is a highly competent firebending instructor, and any Firebender would be lucky to have her as a teacher. Legend has it that the city was founded to honor the Year War, a junior lieutenant in the Fire Navy named Zhaotragic lovers Oma and Shu who carried on a forbidden romance (page 64) took advantage of the library, scouring itsdespite hailing from warring villages. There is no alignment - instead every character has their own ideals that they are torn between. 16 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game(Order #33534544)Creation of the Avatar spirits would once again live in separate worlds. The Northern Air Temple is located in the mountains in theAll Airbenders grew up to become monks and nuns unless they north of the Earth Kingdom and exclusively housed Air Monkschose to leave the Air Nomad life behind or were exiled. Due to its size, importance, and uniqueinnovations, Omashu has always competed with Ba Sing Se forprominence in the Earth Kingdom.Si Wong DesertA vast and deadly desertThe beautiful and deadly Si Wong Desert lies near the center ofthe Earth Kingdom. 40 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game(Order #33534544)Whats Lost Threats and Challenges What is the Singing Path? Recycles bike shop surbiton station. Chapter 2: The World of Avatar 25(Order #33534544)The Air Nomads to keep the spirit portals open, many non-benders across the world suddenly gained airbending abilities, joining together underPrior to the Hundred Year War, all Air Nomads were Airbenders. Northern Air Temple Kyoshi Era 4. friend Rangi, whom she has known since she was a servant. hero needing political help against the Fire Nation or a boost to escape trouble with Fire Nation nobility. However, many areas sufferfrom poor infrastructure with the Kingdom being too large, andthe leaders often too corrupt, for full oversight and developmentof poorer regions. The varying lengths of Moves and keeping each at 12 point font required different amounts of merged cells for each Move. When an Air Nomad mas-adjacent mountains in the southeast of the Earth Kingdom, the ters airbending they receive tattoos as the sign of theirpagodas on each mountain are connected by bridges, and the mastery. He learned what it was like for people The Guiding Wind is also active in the Fire Nation where living in poverty and realized what his privilege afforded him inyoung nobility embrace Air Nomad philosophy. The portals were closed by Avatar Wan, but werereopened many years later by Avatar Korra. balance of the world, a conflict that defined the world even as humans remained largely unaware of this struggle. the guidance of Aangs son, Tenzin, to create a new Air NationThey lived in harmony with their sky bison and valued pacifism, dedicated to bringing balance to the world.often choosing to maintain distance from the rest of the worldsconflicts. In a show of his power as Fire Lord, and wanting to ap- curtains of smoke and fire is the conflict brewing betweenpear more fearsome than his father, he began the Dragon Hunts. As the game becomes more widely available, fans of the Avatar series will no doubt be curious about how to begin playing the game. After their leader XuOne of the largest threats in the Earth Kingdom during the Kyo- Ping An was imprisoned in Zigan Village, they re-shi Era is daofeieven if the heroes are daofei themselves. They exploit the weaknesses they see and stokeA leader could truly believe outsiders are a corrupting influ- conflicts between other parties to take the heat off themselves.ence when they blame problems with a renegade spirit on thedestructive practices of a visiting group from another nation. They historical-or Earthbenders. Chapter 2: The World of Avatar 37(Order #33534544)FkyiorsehiNeraation him, but all of those resources are based in his home of Mainka Island. These relics are a collection of sites engage the theme of Loss and Abandonment four toys (a stuffed hog-monkey, a clay turtle-duck, a drum, and from the unique perspective of the Air Nomads. Com-panions with ties to the clan might visit their home on MainkaIsland and assist in the clans reorganization now that Chaejinand Lady Huazo are imprisoned by Zoryu. For instance, a wealthy antiquarian might hire a thief to steal a relic for his collection, or an Air Nomad who wants to create a new sect might take them as leverage.Gyemtsen ExileAn Air Nun fighting her secret desire to exact revenge Linked theme: Loss and AbandonmentGyemtsen is an Air Nun from the Eastern Air Temple. The element goes where it wills and expands and contracts to meet its environment. Azulon, built in the time of their namesake, protect the city. named Kelsang to expedite the search for the Avatar, highlighting Much of which, we as fans of the Avatarverse know, the relics vulnerability. to other parts of the Fire Nation given the relentless seismic activity, but there are few places they can go. The Water Tribes Divided into the Southern Water Tribe and the Northern Water Tribealongside a smaller group based in the Foggy Swamp the people of the polar tribes are skilled at sailing and navigating challenging terrain. Despite that support his bid for the throne before he was defeated.external mistrust, most of the Fire Nations problems come fromwithin as they recover from the Camellia-Peony War. The truth is that both sides suffered losses from a natural corrupt nobles are leading the Air Nomads away from spiritualdisasterthe tsunami destroyed several Earth Kingdom towns enlightenment, have sabotaged the construction on numerousand completely wrecked a Northern Water Tribe fleet. Today, Plarium has announced that its ever-popular RPG Raid: Shadow Legends has introduced a brand-new mode. Basince the kingdom is enormous, the outermost villages of the Sing Se is home to the impressive Ba Sing Se University in thekingdom have been quite autonomous indeed. Years ago the two of them chose to leave the Spirit World for the mortal one to help humanity andWolf Cove is the Southern Water Tribes capital and has under- made the Spirit Oasis their home. The pirate group is a challenging undertaking.is composed of people of many different backgrounds and includesbenders and non-benders alike. It is often used as a high-stakesknown for its role in the Camellia-Peony War during the Kyoshi way to settle scores between two parties when one, orEra and its contribution to the Fire Nations war efforts during both, feels egregiously harmed by the other. Many Elders Roku travelled the world for years learning to master the ele-denounce the Guiding Wind for their disruptive actions. out onto the street and grew up as an orphan. Many trade in secrets to keep this uneasy peace between Throw support behind the majority or those in power nations, resorting to blackmail rather than diplomacy to get their way. The Fire Nation is a series of islands to the west of the EarthKingdom with numerous volcanoes. He was also Kuruks drinking buddy, inlarge part because Kuruk needed an outlet for his depression thatdeveloped from dealing with said spirits. To counteract his sisters influence, hes begun nationalisticpropaganda campaigns targeting the poorest members of soci- 48 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game(Order #33534544)General Oraso Eiko Threats and ChallengesA famous general who wants the Fire Nation isolated Crescent Island DisasterGeneral Oraso Eiko, a decorated military leader, led the united Linked theme: Internal Conflicts vs. Jinpa This detachment is compounded by the loss of spiritual sites, An air monk, secretary to the Avatar, andwhich Air Nomads have protected for years. Both nations have engaged culture in the Fire Nation. affected by seismic activity as their neighbor has neither sent The Earth King has little organized outspoken internal opposition. In truth, the dragons live in their ancientcity and while Fire Lord Sozins tradition of hunting dragons forglory nearly depleted their entire population, they and the SunWarriors survived. Your story only has meaning if the choices you and your point to, tap, or hold up the X-Cardwhatever works for them.friends make feel as real to you as they do to your characters. Originally, the nobleclans of the Fire Nation held a great deal of influence and power, The Fire Nation Capital is the home to the royal family and thesometimes equal to that of the Fire Lordthe official ruler of seat of government. actually use. However, this rarely happens as Fire Lordsmilitary power. The Avatar mansion was destroyed by Kyoshi and Yuns final fight. While some work on the political stage to fight this, many southern tribespeople embrace piracy as a means to provide for Avatar Kyoshi tirelessly works to shape a world safe for every- themselves.one to thrive in, but unlike Avatars before her, people questionher legitimacy, because her friend Yun was originally declared Avatar Kyoshithe Avatar. Trending pages The Hammer The Guardian The Bold The Adamant The Foundling The Destined The Rogue The Razor All items (14) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other A The Adamant B The Bold D The Great Gates ofLord alone governed the nation. He also hastheir own challenges. The regions early history is filled with war between various The city is divided into several rings separated by giant walls.groups vying for power, as seen in the time of Avatar Wan (page From outermost ring to innermost, there is:17) when settlers first fought for control of the territories thateventually became the Earth Kingdom. Now, the Unity embarks on a year-longworld trek to visit all the different nations, sharing their studiesand technology in a gesture of togetherness. Other important districts include the industrial Harbor City and the nearby Royal Plaza, which is not only remarkable to The Fire Nation was responsible for the Air Nomad Genocide behold, but strategically lined with battlements from the Roku(page 59) and subsequent Hundred Year War during the reigns Era to slow down any attempted invasion. The Fire Nation forced the Mechanist to createthe Air Nomads responsibility to keep up these arrangements, weapons for its military, but eventually the inventor ended upor else risk offending destructive spirits. When the Air Acolytes fully repaired the temple,they installed a statue of Avatar Aang as an addition, as well asseveral other new buildings.Western Air TempleAn upside-down mountain temple located ina strategically important locationThe Western Air Temple is the childhood home of Avatar Yang-chen and housed only Air Nuns. Many lived nomadic lives and traveled the world, while Northern Air Templeothers stayed attached to one of their four Air Temples. nation which includes: its history in the given era, notable Play in the Hundred Year War Era if you want figures in the era who helped shaped the world, and threats to rebel against unjust rule, protect the weak, and challenges you could face while exploring, which and stand up to tyranny. Once, spirits and humans bleak and forbidding. Sozin used propaganda campaigns towork for the greater good. He is currently in prison after being arrested byshe has little patience for silly daofei customs such as nicknames. Though her shot at getting her sonthe eastern part of the Fire Nation. Then, the Earth Sage temples re-opened, re-branded as Current consequences:Royal Learning Halls. A special thanks to members ofSimon Moody, Lysa Penrose, Mark Diaz Truman those cultures who spent time with us helping to understand their communities and inspired our work within Avatar Legends; your work with us has made ourCopy Editing game more inclusive, more thoughtful, and more exciting at every level.Monte Lin, Kate Unrau We cant express how grateful we are for all the freelancers we worked with onLayout and Graphic Design this project from writers, to contributing designers, to editors. Lines should never appear in yourperhaps even altering your internal balance! ians and kicked out into the street, and many were forgotten.When people cannot avenge or rescue their loved ones them- Now these people must learn to trust again. Agna Qela 17. Because the fleet was so large, splinter fleetsThe Wars of Secrets and Daggers were collectively a succession broke away to pursue expeditions and other missions on their ownconflict between the Earth Kingdom princes in Ba Sing Se that while the larger fleet conducted business as usual.coincided with the Yellow Neck Uprising. The Western Air Temple looksvery intimidating, but it also has fun elements like a sky bisonobstacle course, a racetrack, and a giant Pai Sho table. real uncertainty here. If, on the other hand, a character is jumping from one building Very importantly, the GM isnt playing against the other to another when theres no fire and the two buildings are practicallyplayers. ISBN-13: 978-1952885693. The world is currently play the Earth Kings game have flourished.in an unprecedented time of peace, though minor skirmishesstill occur between the Four Nations. Its been a dream toLead Designer work on this project!Brendan Conway The staff at Magpie Games is supported by a number of wonderful people,Core Designers many of whom helped bring this dream into reality. Spirits are drawn to there are greater things at stake than their own personalthe locations where dragons are slain and strange occurrences happiness. Avatar Kuruk was born in the only women are allowed to learn healing in the Northern WaterNorthern Water Tribe, but because of his perceived failings as the Tribe, Atuat is likely to only offer instruction to other women.Avatar, mentioning him in polite company is frowned upon. For most of the worlds history, the Avatara human capable of bending all four elementshas been responsible for maintainingAvatar Legends balance in the world and serving as a bridge between the spiritual and physical planes of existence. He then, of course, stole hermessages between the lesser politicians of the two tribes working face as well. period was confined to their lion-turtle, with begrudging respect paid to the alien world outside. Most Air Nomad temples are located inhigh, rocky, locations that are hard to reach for anyone exceptAirbenders, sky bison, and other flying creatures. Finding him isnt easy, as he slipped into the shadows after Kyoshi defeated Yun. From that point forward, Wan decreed, the Avatar would act as the bridgeUnlike most humans, Wan was intimately familiar with spirits between the human and spirit worlds.by the time he encountered Raava and Vaatu. Kyoshi Island 32. Though fewer in region still faces seismic instability thanks to the now-active vol-number, they worked as scholars lecturing on how to expand the cano. Northern Spirit Portal Roku Era 5. It In general, its always a good idea to talk about the game.would be perfect! For thousands of years, the warriors have guarded the EternalFlamea fire given to them by the dragons ages ago and kepteternally burning. What other Protecting the Avatar Relics spiritual sites are the Air Nomads losing? the slopes of the Southern Water Tribe. Weapons Weapons are precise, intimidating, and fierce. If someone is feeling uncomfortable out-of-character inWhat memorable tales focus on heroes who make every decision any way because of something happening in the game, they canperfectly? To those who know her,Chaejin of the Saowon clan, to rule the Fire Nation. Over a few hours, your collective tale evolves and changes, go- to places of uncertainty, times when no one knows what happensing to new and unexpected places based on the characters actions. By the have plentiful empty landunlike the Earth Kingdom.end of the week, the people learned to remain silent about thesages. For thousands of years, people Long before the world split into the Four Nations, humans andhave worked in tandem to build cities, wage wars, and expand spirits lived alongside one another. Avatar Kuruk The previous Avatar on a quest to find his fiance Avatar Kuruk died when he was only thirty-three years old, and his time as the Avatar is considered by most to be a deep disap- pointment as he let many of his responsibilities slip. She did so by attacking other pirate groups and adopting any survivors into the Fifth Nation. The Council of Elders at the South- Matangiern Air Temple took Kyoshi in during the tumultuous time rightafter her reveal of her Avatar status. These a challenge all on its own. We are thrilled to announced that Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game will be coming to Kickstarter on August 3rd, 2021! What may be true for one era may not be true for another. Chapter 2: The World of Avatar 43(Order #33534544)The Roku EraWhere We Start his most vocal opponents. His plan is expansive and generational, but the workKeohso and Saowon clans. There is governmental instability in both this issue internally, but for the most part the Air Nomads remainthe Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, controversy surrounding uninvolved with the human world and focus on spiritual matters.the Avatar, and organized groups of outlaws terrorizing citi-zensthis is especially rampant in the Earth Kingdom, where The Water Tribes have not suffered explosive drama andcriminals known as daofei seize any opportunity to secure power conflict the way the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation have.for themselves. Though reduced to splinter fleets,these pirates have years of experience terrorizing the coasts andshouldnt be taken lightly. Now, Uzuku faces Linked theme: Propaganda and Secretspressure to share her incredible skills with the Fire Nation. Yellow Necks under different names. Lee Siu-Leung Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game text and designAdditional Calligraphy: Miguel ngel Espinoza 2022 Magpie Games. unchecked by their political supervisors. Daofei continue to be a big problem in to be the Avatar when she defeated the Fifth Nation (page 34)the kingdom, however, especially in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing with a frightening display of earthbending. Will the heroes must always contend with the politics and peoples of the placesset things right no matter the cost? The Role edition of Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game goes far beyond just PDFs, and presents a complete integrated game room for players and game masters of all levels to enjoy. Each era impacts the next, building onfoundations laid thousands of years ago. This true mastery over airbending is difficult to learn. This tension continued when the Air Nomads of the Namthse is an esteemed member of the Northern Air TemplesSouthern Air Temple provided sanctuary to Kyoshi after her con- Council of Elders. Once Avatar Korra cleansed them as a massive accomplishment deserving of respect.it, Jinora, a highly skilled Airbender, used the meditation circle to There is a rare exception for extremely skilled bendershelp guide Korra into the Spirit World for the first time. Though the most badly dam- extending from the forehead down the back, one arrowaged of the four temples during the Air Nomad Genocide, this on each arm and one arrow on each leg (when possible).temple was repaired by Avatar Aang and the Air Acolytes afterthe conclusion of the Hundred Year War.

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